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Your Web3 Metaverse Expert

Co-Host, Content Creator and Guild Founder

Through my content, courses and media I've helped thousands learn about crypto, NFTs and the metaverse.

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My goal is to make a long lasting impact on this space in a positive way. 

Kyle has amassed over a decade of experience in the software and blockchain industry, having provided educational resources in the web3 and blockchain realm since its early inception. With a focus on emerging trends such as web3 gaming, metaverse, and NFTs, Kyle generously offers free content to promote broader understanding of these areas.

Let's get to know each other...

Hi my name is Kyle Willson. I have been in the marketing field for over 10+ years. I have also been doing crypto specific content since 2017. I have made free courses and videos around web3, crypto and NFTs. I have also worked for prestigious web3 gaming platforms like Illuvium and Myria blockchain. I reside in the USA and I am joined by my beautiful family. I am married with two daughters and two doges.

My goal with my content is to document my journey and provide my audience with educational and entertaining content. 

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Web 3, NFTs, Crypto and Metaverse Content

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Founders and Key Leaders

Digital Collectibles and NFTs

Digital collectibles is emerging as one of the largest markets in the web3 space with amazing companies like VeVe, Cryptoys and Quidd who support major brands like Disney, Marvel, DC and more!

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Cryptocurrency Takes

I sit down with some of the brightest minds in the cryptocurrency space to understand trends, insights and much more. 

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Founders and Web3 Games

Some of the best founders join the channel to talk about their games, platforms and projects. Some of the most notable founders like Kieran Warwick have joined the channel to talk about his Triple A game: Illuvium. 

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– Hodl Fandom

Data Analyst, Content Creator and Accounting Professional 

– Granison Prime

VeVe Bro's Show Host, Web3 strategist and Content Creator

– Chris Coffee

NFT Host, Web3 Analyst and Content Creator

Kyle is an industry leading resource. I can’t think of another person I’d want to help me navigate the current and future crypto landscape.

Content Creator, Software Owner and Comic Book Expert

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In the nearly two years I have watched and gotten to know Kyle Willson, I have come to know him as an honest and decent man. From his commitments at Illuvium, Myria, YouTube and his fans, and now this, you cannot question his passion or his heart. He lives and breathes his work, and there's no other person I'd trust to help lead me to the promised land of prosperity!

Web2 and Web3 Collecting Expert, Host and Content Creator

I have known Kyle Willson for one year and in that time he has proven himself to be an authentic and inspiring voice in the crypto, NFT and web 3 space. Kyle is all about helping others and building community and has helped me on my own personal journey. Navigating the Metaverse can be a daunting task. Kyle helps to simplify the space and has worked tirelessly to share his knowledge and help others grow. I highly recommend this intelligent and passionate Metaverse Baron.

Kyle is a leader I can feel vulnerable enough to trust and follow, confident enough that he knows his stuff and lucky enough to learn and grow from.

NFT Hodler

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